“It aint safe on the block…” When Skepta’s album ’bout to drop!

A phrase perfectly poised to welcome you to TheMandem.com but more importantly, the title of Skepta’s 4th long awaited studio album… KONNICHIWA!!

On this day the self proclaimed ‘King of Grime’ releases a body of work that has been the talking point in the UK music scene for the best part of a year. From ‘Rolex Sweep’ to ‘So Alive’ feat N-Dubz (Yeah, remember them?) to the summer anthem of 2015, ‘Shutdown’, we have seen the North London native transform himself to what seems to be his best form! He’s shunned the designer belts, shirts and expensive lifestyle for your everyday tracksuit, Nike baseball cap and nights out in Brixton or Shorditch and although some looked at this image and change as a possible cry for attention or a fad, Mr Joseph Adenuga has stayed true to this and has the whole of the UK following his every step!


Konnichiwa lands today following a heavy hitting list of singles such as ‘That’s Not Me’, ‘Ladies Hit Squad’ and ‘Man (Gang)’ to name a few! These releases have not only kept us hype on our weekend shenanigans and wanting more but has adequately given us a great taster of what sound we can expect from the album. Skepta feeds our cravings with 12 hearty tracks available on iTunes now to end the week and to keep us bopping through the weekend.


Now, i’m not sure about you but I am excited to get my hands on this album and to enjoy the weekend and who knows, by Sunday I may be a new member of The Tracksuit Mafia!

“Man’s never been in Marquee when it’s shutdown, truss mi daddi!”

Sayounara internets, im gone!



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