Support the Mandem – On the Wall

British comedy trio the Mandem on the Wall – have launched a crowdfunding project for their first feature film, The Weekend.

Written by comedian Kojo with a cast including Arnold Jorge AKA Asqueezy, Shanie Ryan and Ashley Inks. The plot follows the trio accidentally coming across £100,000, splashing the cash and throwing a project X style party… Until the owner of that money comes looking for it and they only have 24 hours to make it back.

The Weekend, will be paid for by fans and contributors via crowdfunding site IndiGoGo.

Joivan Wade, Percelle Ascott and Dee Kaate (Their government names) hope to raise £100,000 in order to get there film screened at 28 cinemas across 25 cities. As of now they’ve raised £22,000 of the £100,000 target.

I’m hoping for an urban inbetweeners movie.

Who knew it costs 100 bags to get your movie in 25 cinemas. You can help them



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