New Toronto in London

What is it with Canada and producing rappers that can sing or singers that can rap?… Either way there is no doubt that the 6 God, Drake and his fellow Torontonian, Tory Lanez are flying the flag high for the city.

I’m a big fan of both artists so when a good friend PM’d me asking if I wanted Tory Lanez tickets, I had to say yes and boy oh boy was it worth it!

Mr Lanez was on tour for no real reason other than to promote his good music, most of which came from his most credited mixtape releases ‘Lost Cause‘ and ‘New Toronto‘. With no studio album release or even a date we can eagerly look forward too, I was a little skeptical as to what to expect from the young man. However, if Bryson Tiller was anything to go by (I didn’t go, didn’t fancy spending £200 before I had brushed my teeth.) I should have kept an open mind. After the usual entrance artists make that leave me wishing I had chosen the rapper life, he was quick to let us know that tickets for the show held in Brixton at Brixton Electric had sold out in 30 minutes! Tory Lanez selling out in London with no album! Albeit a small venue but kudos to the man and applauses all around from the mandem.
He kicked off with the 1st track off New Toronto ‘Makaveli‘ which instantly got the crowd hyped and in the right mind frame for the energy he was about to give us. Doing tracks such as ‘Lord Knows‘, ‘Uber‘, ‘Tim Duncan‘ and of course ‘Blow‘ Tory Lanez was not going to let anything stop him from turning up! He was in the crowd, then he was back on the stage to only jump back in the crowd and then be held, by the feet, as he attempted to walk from one side to the other all whilst still rapping and singing, mental! He had a little down time when he performed ‘Say it’, a perfect song to serenade the female attendees whilst catching his breath for when that all mighty call begins…
“They call me Diego, Diego…” WOW! When that dropped, i’ll be honest I envied the man. The place was going mad! Girls were screaming louder than the music whilst all the goons and mandem were grunting “Tony Montana, they call me Tony Montana n**ga…” Young Fargo by now was in the middle of the crowd surfing without a care in the world and rightly so. He made it to the opposite end of the stage, which by now he had been there for the second time of the night. Climbed the podium and then looked up. One of the boys whispered to me, “He did this in a US show”. I didn’t know what he meant but I found out quick. Lord Lanez, I had christened him at this point, climbed from the podium up to the balcony, just like Spiderman but without the origin story. WHAT! It was then I confirmed, this was the craziest show I had been to. Diego stayed on repeat and Mr Lanez signed out by thanking the crowd for the support and to follow our dreams!
I left sweating and all i did was watch. A roller coaster of an experience but one myself and the mandem enjoyed thoroughly.
-LBB (@mrlb89)

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