Stormzy’s gone gold?… Shut Up!

What a time to be alive… or at least what a time to be South London MC Stormzy!!

On Friday, BPI Music tweeted that the 6ft something problem had gone gold, selling 400,000 records for the hit single ‘Shut Up’. Stormzy quickly posted this on his social media which was received with many congratulations and respect for what he had achieved.


Stormzy has been at the front line of the Grime scene for just over a year but in that short time he’s taken the scene by storm (see what I did there). In early 2015 he dropped “Know Me From”  which undoubtedly had us saying to people we’ve known for years “Where do you know me from bruv?”. He didn’t stop there and carried on steam rolling through the scene coining his own hastags, #Problem and #Merky.

Later that year big Mike released the latest installment of his WickedSkengMan series, WickedSkengMan 4. This included the just gone gold single ‘Shut Up’ which officially confirmed that the Adidas tracksuit ambassador is definitely no back up dancer.
The single reached number 8 in the UK single charts, number 3 in the UK Indie Charts and peaked at number 1 in the UK R&B charts. All achievements he can be proud of. With his latest release ‘Scary’ circulating the net as a must listen, we can only suspect that the young man is not letting the attention and achievements get to his head.


A big congratulations from The Mandem!




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