Wretch 32 – Growing + Over + Life – OUT NOW


So today marks the release of Wretch 32’s long awaited 3rd studio album ‘Growing + Over + Life‘. Following on from what felt like his first studio album ‘Black and White’ back in 2011 (yes, 2011) Growing + Over + Life already feels like it will be another strong outing from the Tottenham native.

If this preview/visual counterpart for Growing + Over + Life directed by Matthew Walker is anything is to go by, then this could be his best outing yet.

Having found success from somewhat musically unexpected releases such as ‘Blackout’ ft. Shaka, ‘Doing OK’ and ‘Six Words’, it’s pleasing to see him taking risk at this point in his career particularly having come from a genre as unforgiving as grime.

As a somewhat early fan, I’m pleased with his current musical direction — pushing himself into different musical genres and styles of expression, while managing to retain what we love to hear from Wretch… Lyrics!

Wretch performing alongside Shola Ama at the BBC 1xtra Grime Proms

I feel this growth was really apparent at the BBC 1Xtra Grime Prom with Wretch acting as the master of ceremony, orchestrating and closing out the event. Wretch has managed to attain a space in which very few artists from the ‘hood’ get to, or are not respected if they get there. That space begin – A place in which your free to do/create/talk about/wear almost anything without fear of judgement, a position where, you do ‘not so hood thing’ and still have the hood love you.

I noticed this over the last few years as his subject matter has come become somewhat wider reaching. His more recent tracks and freestyles appear quite politically charged touching on racial inequalities highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement yet drawing on personal experiences of injustice, with the unarmed shooting of his former friend Mark Duggan which sparked the London riots in August 2011.

Wretch, we’re loving your current trajectory.

Keep growing!

Growing + Over + Life – available 2nd September. Buy it, Apple music it, Tidal it (Not sure if it’s on Tidal), Spotify it… But most of all Enjoy it!

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