Bread/Breading (Verb)

1.Used to describe an individuals eagerness (or lack of) to associate with another individual(s)

“Yeah she’s buff but I’m not going to bread her”

2. To copy something someone has already done

“I’ve got those trainers bro, stop breading me”

Food (Noun)

Used to refer to an individual of the opposite sex who is attractive

“Did you see the girl I was talking to… she was food”

Synonyms: attractive, sexy, beautiful

Chew’in (Chewing) (Verb)

A feeling of disappointment or anger

“I’m chew’in those trainers are sold out in my size!”

“They missed out on the league by one point, they must be chew’in”

Synonyms: annoyed, upset, angry

Gassin’ (Verb)

To intentionally make a statement that is false

“That girl from the club asked me for my number …. ‘I don’t believe you, stop gassin'”

Synonyms: Lie

Ex’d or X’d (Verb)

A feeling an individual experiences when they are not operating at full physical or mental capacity.

“Are you coming to the gym today?… Nah, my back is ex’d”

“Yo fam, I’ve drank too much Hennessy… im ex’d”

“I’ve been up since the morning, I need a nap… I AM EX’D”

Synonyms: Tired, fatigued, drunk, weak

Pattern (Verb)

1. To ensure/certify a plan of action

“Mandem, lets pattern up a Nandos… i’m starving”

“Are you coming out tonight?… We’ve patterned a table in the club”

Synonyms: Certify, confirmed, guarantee,  

Moesh (Noun)

1.Used to refer to an activity, event or plan of action

“Mandem, what’s the moesh for tonight?”

Synonyms: Motive, occasion, plan


2.Used to refer to the success of an activity or an event.

“Last night was a moesh, we should do it again”

Synonyms: Good, cool, wicked

Field (Noun)

Used to refer to a location in which an individual(s) is currently or will be situated. This can be from the street corner to the local town on a night out.

“What are you doing tonight fam?”

“Im out with the mandem in the field!”

Synonyms: the hood, the manor, the ends, clubbing

Deece (Adjective)

Short for decent. Used to describe something or someone you like or have an appreciation for.

“What do you think of Becky’s new hair?”

“I like it… its deece”

Synonyms: Cool, nice, good

Certi (Adjective)

Short for certified. Used to confirm legitimacy, authenticity or creditability of a person, event, occasion or item.

“Are you sure he can get us into this club? … ‘Yeah don’t worry… his certi'”

synonyms: legit

Mandem or The Mandem (Noun)

A group of men or boys. Generally gender specific, however it is often used to refer to a group of friends.

“Where were you last night… I didn’t hear from you? I was out with the Mandem”

“The dance was full of Mandem”

Origins;-  Originating from the Caribbean. The words ‘man them’ became ‘Man dem’ and has found its way to the UK where it is has become a staple of everyday language and popularised by numerous UK musicians.

synonyms: lads, boys, mates